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Welcome to the Econosto Academy

 "Learning is a source of happiness" - Leonardo Da Vinci

In our knowledge economy, knowledge transfer is essential. As a leading supplier, Econosto considers it its duty to transfer knowledge to - and share its experiences with - customers and their employees. In doing so, in accordance with our vision in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we take the triple P approach:

People, Planet and Profit.

  • People: highly educated employees who are aware of the latest technological developments and regulations will provide a safe and energy-efficient plant.
  • Planet: the sustainable use of raw materials is a recurring theme in our courses.
  • Profit: it is clear that sustainability is associated with profit. Energy-efficient products processed in energy-efficient systems not only protect our environment but also lead to substantial savings. 

Econosto offers you five practical one-day courses, in which we alternate between theory and practice. The "Steam & Condensate Technology" course that has been running for decades is the most well-known. After all, Econosto stems from the Economic Steam Production Agency founded in 1892.

In addition to the set courses, we also regularly organise interesting seminars in various fields. During these seminars, we will quickly update you about current developments in our field and yours in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Many of these seminars are the result of cooperation with renowned suppliers and reputable speakers.

 The requirements for our plants are increasing, especially in areas such as sustainability and safety. Econosto has the necessary technical articles for you to read. We will add to these on a regular basis.

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