Co-engineering and prefab skids

Econosto has extensive product and application knowledge. As co-engineers, we also offer, an excellent service - certainly in the OEM market - when you involve us in the early stages of your product and process development. We can also look after the development and production of complete prefab skids. The pursuit to build production systems from standard modules is something that we increasingly see with production companies especially. In addition to saving on logistics costs, the skid can be put into operation quickly using a modular setup, which means that interruption of the production process is kept to a minimum. Prefab skids are an efficient and a cost saving way to implement changes or adjustments within the production process. Skid construction requires close collaboration.


Prefab Utility Modules (PUM)

A Prefab Utility Module (PUM) is a separate module that is specially equipped for a specific task. A PUM saves on engineering costs, reduces construction time, because the modules are delivered Plug & Play, and you are assured of proper and problem-free functioning. 

Econosto has a variety of PUMs in the delivery programme in cooperation with Spirax Sarco e.g. a complete steam pressure reducing valve group for reducing pressure and a PPU Condensate unit - the solution to keep your steam heat exchanger condensate-free under all conditions – even in vacuum. In addition Econosto also offers turnkey units for the production of domestic hot water, heating and process applications.

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