cross reference table Econosto ERIKS


Econosto ordering code
and ERIKS article number

Econosto Nederland bv will change its name to ERIKS bv starting December 1, 2018..
We will use 1 ERP system (SAP) from this date, this will change the product and article file

Before the new data is processed, you may need to renumber the current articles and products in your ERP software. This can be done with the help of an cross-reference table. Ask your software supplier how this table can be processed in your ERP.


Cross-reference tabel

A conversion table is available for converting Econosto order code to ERIKS article number.

Available format:
1st column the old number
2nd column the new number
Econosto ERIKS  omnummertabel.csv
Econosto ERIKS  omnummertabel.xlsx

we will process your order with the Econosto article number, however from 1 December you will receive the article number from ERIKS (SAP) ERP system in the confirmation.

Econosto EC article number
omnummer table to
ERIKS article numbe

In addition to Econosto order code,
Econosto article numbers are in use.
Econosto article number is an alphanumeric text, article number often starts with a structure code for example: EC01601001 / 2E07J


Crossreference table Econosto EC Code

For converting Econosto article number
to ERIKS article number,  see below
cross-reference table.

Available format:
1st column the old article number
2nd column the new number

Econosto EC code omnummerig ERIKS.csv
Econosto EC code omnummerig ERIKS.xlsx
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