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e-Business and e-Commerce; both terms are often used interchangeably for the same meaning: electronic data exchange between a company, its suppliers and its customers, as a means of supporting the business processes. The goal for Econosto e-Business is to improve and optimise performance in the supply chain to improve the proposition of all involved parties. Within Econosto, e-Business focuses on improving processes within the supply chain by coordinating these processes with its suppliers and customers. We therefore offer our suppliers and customers our knowledge so that they can use it to optimise their own processes with respect to e-Business.


To be effective, e-Business requires a solid technological basis. Econosto has developed various channels for this purpose, e.g. the website (www.econosto.nl) with different web services and a service-oriented architecture (SOA). This was implemented to be able to communicate with external parties using fixed standards (security, protocol, information and processes). In addition, Econosto uses the services of Tradcom, part of the ERIKS group, to offer as many e-Business market standards as possible. 
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