FAQ: Filter functionality


Our product database has been catagorized and classified based on the ETIM-model. This gives you the advantage that you can search and filter on standardized product properties which in turn makes it easier to find the product you're looking for.

When you're using our search functionality and/or navigate through our product tree, the website offers you filter option in the top part of the screen. These filter options are dependent on you exact location in our product database.

By default, we only show the most used filter options; with these options you should be able to complete most of your search actions. On the top-right corner above the search filter, the option "More features" will offer you all available filter options, depending on the properties of the underlying products.

When selecting options from the filters the search result is reduced on every property; when there's less then 15 item codes left as a result, these will be shown in a grid-like way instead of just product photo's.


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