Get to work

For the first four weeks, you will go through an induction programme. This will help you to quickly get to know our organisation and our processes, as well as your job and your colleagues.

Getting to work

When you start working for us, you will spend the first four weeks completing an induction programme that is prepared for you by your (future) manager. You will be invited to complete e-learning programmes that will inform you about the organisation, products and markets. In addition (depending on the position), you will spend a couple of days within the Logistics department of Econosto to allow you to familiarise yourself with our products.

Building up your network

Getting to know people and building up good working relationships is important in order to quickly feel at home. In your first weeks you will meet your direct colleagues from the different departments/disciplines within the organisation. Every quarter there will be an introductory lunch where you will meet the management of Econosto and your colleagues who have also just started.


Your Buddy

Your line manager or a direct colleague will be appointed as your buddy. He/she will be there to give you advice and to guide you. Your buddy will also help you with any challenges that you might encounter.

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