Internships and graduation assignments play an important role in the personal development of young talent. It is a very good way to really get to know Econosto Netherlands and to use your talent in practice. You also gain a huge amount of practical experience in a dynamic working environment with an open hands-on working atmosphere.
There are plenty of opportunities within the Finance, IT and Human Resources departments, mainly for students with a technical or commercial background.

Internship allowance

Usually, when you complete an internship at Econosto or if you are carrying out a graduation assignment, you will be paid an internship allowance. The amount of your internship allowance depends on your level of education.


Want to complete an internship or graduate at Econosto?

You can find the available internships and graduation assignments in our vacancies section. If your internship or graduation assignment is not listed, please let us know that you are interested by using the button at the top of this page!

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