Job Application Tips

Make sure that your application is focused, this makes it easier to apply. In an interview at Econosto, you will then be able to give a clear explanation of why the position is right for you. And that's what we want to know.

Instead of immediately applying for every vacancy, we recommend that you ask yourself a number of questions before applying.

  • Do I meet the requirements listed in the vacancy?
  • Am I actually interested in the vacancy?
  • What hours would I like to work, or does it not matter?
  • What am I good at and what am I not so good at? 
Ensure that you have an up-to-date CV and list the details in chronological order (work experience, education).            


Don't be afraid to ask - If anything is unclear during the interview (a term, a question), please don't be afraid to ask us to explain. As long as you do this in a calm and friendly manner, nobody will hold this against you.

The interview
 During the interview at Econosto, we will ask you a number of questions so that we can determine whether you are the right person for the job.
The questions may be about you personally, about your work experience or about how you would handle specific problems. Please answer honestly and based on your experience.
Feel free to ask about the further course of the process, when you will hear from us about participation in the second round, etc.

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