FAQ: Ordering process

Our website provides functionality to place online orders. You can directly see product stock availability and your nett pricing. You could also use the ordering process for combining an offer document (by printing the page in step 4).    

Step 1: Create shopping basket

To start the ordering process you'll need to create an order using the order message. For this, you can click the menu-option "Orders" and click the "New order" option.

Another possibility is to navigate through the product catalogue and add items to a new order; the new order is then automatically created.
When creating the new order from the order menu you need to supply an order reference and requested delivery date. Weekends and public holidays are excluded from selection. You can place a next-business-day order until 15:00 hours; after that, the system will offer a delivery option one workday later.

Next, can you need to enter a delivery address from your documented delivery address, you can enter a new delivery address or select the option for a collection order at Econosto.

When you're finished entering all the mandatory fields, please click the option "Save my data" to continue.

Step 2: Add items to the shopping basket

There are many ways to add items to a shopping cart. You can do this by using the 'Fast order" option on the order page; you enter an item's orderign code and the requested quantity and click the "plus" icon. Using this method, even items which are not published on our website but are available to order can be ordered (using the product ordering code).

One of the order options is to navigate the product catalogue and add the item to the order from there.

When you've added an item to the shopping basket you're able to add an order line note to the line by using the edit-icon behind the orderline. You're also able to edit the requested quantity. When finished, click the "Save" icon behind the orderline to save the order line note.

We recommend to add an order line note to products requiring calibration and/or special certifications and/or treatments, for example safety valves. You can for example specify the need for calibration on a certain pressure level or the inclusion of a specific certification.

You can add a maximum of 999 orderlines to a single order.

When you're finished building up the order, please click the option "Next" to continue the ordering process.

Step 3: Enter reference and address data

Check the reference data and address data you entered before, or complete the mandatory fields when these are not correct or undefined yet. 

When you're finished building up the order, please click the option "Next" to continue the ordering process.

Step 4: Check order

When entering this step, our system retrieves up-to-date nett pricing and stock level information before loading. This gives you a last up-to-date view of your order.

We offer the "print" option in this screen to allow you to print this order overview, which you can use for your own administration, use it for generating an order in your own system or to create an e-mail / fax order. The printed pricing and stock levels are valid only on the moment of printing. 

Step 5: Send the order

When clicking the "Send Order" option on the previous step, you're offered a last pop-up asking for confirmation of finalizing the order.

When you place your first online order for Econosto, you're requested to accept our General Terms & Conditions before the order is sent to our administrative systems.

When the order was successfully placed, you'll receive an order reception confirmation message by e-mail.

Step 6: Check order status

You can check your order status using the "Orders" / "Active orders" menu on our website. It's possible your order doesn't show directly; this depends on our stock level positions and/or manual actions needed to be performed by our staff to process your order. Depending on the work needed, it may take upto one business day to display your order status online.

In case you don't see your order after a workday of placement, please contact your administrative or commercial contactperson at Econosto.
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