Pepperl & Fuchs valve position feedback


Inductive valve position feedback: reliable and affordable

For quarter-turn valves, ERIKS Econosto Process Control offers double sensors with two detection services (for the open position and the closed position) from the quality manufacturer Pepperl+Fuchs. A puck on the shaft of the valve actuator powers these sensors.  The entire range of double sensors from P+F are provided in just 2 models (type F25 and type F31), both of which can be attached directly to Econ® actuators. In addition, the F31 sensor can also be mounted  by a mounting bracket on the Econ® hand-operated ball valves.

100% reliability

With the valve position feedback from Pepperl+Fuchs, there is no doubt about the valve position of a shut-off valve and reliable operation is guaranteed. That's why we equip every Econ® actuator standard with a puck compatible with all F25 and F31 sensors.100% reliability


  • Various switching elements: 2- or 3-wire DC, Namur, AS interface and AC/DC
  • Available with a junction box, connector or moulded cable
  • EX-models available


  • Rapid installation without adjustment and configuration
  • Also suitable for Econ® manually operated valves
  • Extremely reliable, also in wet and dirty environments
  • Compact and robust

It's just better, not more expensive!

In many processes, safety requirements increasingly dictate that the exact valve position must be fed back to the measurement and control system. This can be done with mechanical micro-switches. However, these are more sensitive to malfunctions, vibration and wear, certainly under conditions of high frequency switching. In this regard, inductive contactless switches – such as the F25 and F31 from Pepperl+Fuchs – are more stable and are generally just as affordable as the mechanical alternative thanks to simple and rapid installation.

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