Process control

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Your application is paramount - from idea to solution

ERIKS Econosto's Process Control division offers you a coherent package of products and services: from the delivery of components to the engineering, co-production and testing of units and periodic calibration of sensors. You decide whether we are your product supplier for this, your adviser, engineer or total product supplier. No matter what, you can always rely on one thing: at ERIKS Econosto, you and your process or application are always paramount.

“For our ventilators, we required a unit that blows nitrogen into the axle gasket to prevent the leakage of toxic gases. Using our client's detailed technical specifications as our guiding principle, ERIKS Econosto elaborated, engineered and tested the system design for a series of plug & play skids in 3-D. All we had to do was mount the skids to the ventilators and connect them".

Peter de Wildt, Project Leader – Van Tongeren Kennemer B.V.

Total process control

In order to control your process optimally you want to be able to measure pressure, temperature, level and flow and be able to conduct analyses. For this, you need sensors. With the measurements and signals from these sensors, you can initiate an action - such as controlling flow or closing a pipeline, for example, or operating valves automatically, regulating pressure, temperature and flow or monitoring levels. 

You can also signal, secure and record numerous things within your process. All of these aspects within your process comprise a control loop. The better these aspects are coordinated with each other, the better and more safely your process functions.


“From the very start, ERIKS Econosto thought and spoke along with us about the automation of the production processes and the components required for this in our new factory. They also evaluated our flowcharts critically and tightened them. The quality of the final result certainly benefited from this".

Maichel Franke (Manager of Technical Services– Diffutherm B.V.)


Everything for a bespoke solution, in-house

ERIKS Econosto offers you every possible facility for the engineering and co-production of an optimum control loop for your process or application. Such as a portfolio of products from well known manufacturers, including our own Econ®-label. Knowhow – that is safeguarded internally by our Academy – and an advanced test installation. But also 3-D engineers and our experienced Field Service Team for commissioning and on-site support. And let's not forget: well-equipped service shops for the co-production, testing and calibration of valves, sensors and co-produced installations. By selecting ERIKS Econosto Process Control, you are assured of a bespoke total solution.


"ERIKS Econosto approached our request from a solution standpoint and provided its expertise and project-based approach with truly added value. Components were simply a means of implementing the solution. The output – a compact skid with bespoke software – is a classic example of how you can optimally relieve a customer of worry".

Frank Duray (Supply Chain Engineer – ASML Netherlands B.V.)

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