FAQ: Search functionaility


With the introduction of the searchbar we combined the search engines of our website and product database. Also, we changed the search engine result page based on feedback from our users.

When you search results in products found in our product database, you'll be presented with photo's of relevant products; when you click one of these photo's, you'll navigate to a specific location in our product tree where you can finetune your selection to find the desired product.

When you wish to view all products found in your search, please click the textline "xxx products found - Show complete search result".

Next to the product photo's shown the website will show relevant product names in the "Product Description" section. When you click one of these results, the system will start a new search using this value as search term.

In the "News and company information" section, our website will present you with relevant news, company information or help texts based on your search term used in the search.


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