Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a key role in our business operations. Being aware that the distant future will also have to be sustainable, Econosto has taken the usual pragmatic approach to the CSR issue and discovered that building a sustainable global future is not only a worthy ambition, but practical advantages are also to be achieved.
Sustainable development is defined as the development that provides for the needs of today without jeopardising the needs of the next generations. This cannot be achieved by changing individual entities, but requires an integral approach. This varies from investing in innovations to specific improvements like offering energy-saving solutions, emission reduction and improving safety at the workplace. Some examples:

Sustainable product solutions:

  • Econ® bellow valves 100% emission-free
  • Pilot Operated Safety valves
  • CO2 emission reduction steam traps
  • Legionella prevention
  • Low power solenoid valves
  • Compressed air reducing valve positioners


Quantifiable objectives:

  • ERIKS: ISO 14001 certificate
  • Digital invoicing by e-mail
  • A/B label lease cars
  • Energy efficient printers
For more information, please visit the ERIKS website
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