FAQ: View orderstatus


Please note that you need to be logged into our website with your Econosto account to use this functionality. If you don't have an account yet, please feel free to request one directly!

Our website offers the functionality to follow your orders online. This overview includes all active orders, so both online (website / EDI) as offline (phone / fax / e-mail) placed orders are visible in this overview.

You can monitor your active orders by navigating to the "Orders" menu option, submenu option "Active orders". When you select an active orders' order reference, the system will display all relevant logistical and status information on the order line level.

Econosto ERP order status Customer info; description status
E-order in preparation (no status visible)
Status code 525 Order received, order on hold
Status code 526 Order received, delivery problem
Status code 527 Order in progress
Status code 528 Order in progress
Status code 537 Pending Warehouse
Status code 546 Pending Expedition
Status code 547 Goods packed
Status code 550 Ready for shipment
Status code 580 Goods shipped
Status code 620 Order billed
Status code 999 Orders historic




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