Shutting off


Remote controlled on/ off valves

Electric, pneumatic en hydraulic controlled open/ close valves are very versatile and the variation in types and designs is enormous. We offer you a generous assortment of remote controlled valves, which are assembled and tested in our own Valve Automation Center. The offer ranges from solenoid valves, quarter turn valves, globe valves and bellow sealed valves to pneumatic actuated gate valves and knifegate valves with (optional) limit switches.

Due to our varied selection we can offer a solution for virtually any medium – ranging from gas, steam and liquid to viscous media and bulk goods – and for a lot of features, such as shutting off, mixing, dosing, deposit and cutting. Customer specific customisation of course also belongs to the possibilities! A selection from our broad product program:

Solenoid valves

  • Huge wide range in types and designs, such as:
    • 2-, 3-, 4-and 5-way
    • Direct or pilot operated
    • NC or NO
    • Suitable for cold water, hot water, gases or steam
  • Resistant to high pressures, low pressures and functioning in low or no pressure difference
  • Various options, such as explosion proof execution, energy efficient low-power coil and SIL
  • Manufacturers: ASCO / Bürkert / Econ®

Quarter turn valves

  • Very generous range of butterfly valves and ball valves
  • Many types and models, such as:
    • 1-, 2-, or 3-piece body or wafer type in steel or stainless steel
    • Quick-weld, threaded or flanged connection
    • Anti-static, fire-safe or in accordance with ATEX standards
    • With KIWA certification (on several types)
  • Wide range of actuators, including pilot valves and flapping switches
  • Manufacturer: Econ ®

Globe valves

  • Suitable for use in hot and cold water and steam
  • Extremely reliable and thereby cost-efficient
  • Manufacturers: Econ ® / ASCO / Bürkert

Econ® bellow sealed valves

  • Suitable for use in steam, hot water and thermal oil
  • Extremely reliable, low maintenance and cost-efficient
  • Possibility to be assembled afterwards with a pneumatic actuator with 3/2 way pilot valve, filter/reduce and limit switches
  • Fugitive emission is completely excluded by 100% "tight shut-off" technology
  • Manufacturer: Econ ®

Knifegate valves

  • Suitable for applications with dry materials (such as bulk and bulk solids silos), viscous and sticky media and heavily soiled fluid flow (such as waste water and offal)
  • Robust construction for the toughest process conditions
  • Manufacturer: Orbinox

Diaphragm valves

  • Two construction types:
    • Bridge shape: for general applications
    • Bridge- or obstruction free: for aggressive, high viscosity, abrasive and contaminated media
  • 100% close
  • Generous choice in membrane and coating materials
  • Also available in stainless steel with very high surface quality for sanitary applications
  • Manufacturers: Bürkert / Saunders

Hose Valves

  • Great for powders, granulates and abrasive media
  • Manufacturer: Ako


For remote control of shut-off valves, we provide a wide range of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators from renowned manufacturers, including AMG, Auma, El-O-Matic, Rotork and our own Econ ® label. In combination with a varied package options and accessories (such as converters) we can offer you an appropriate solution for automating virtually any open/close valve.


Advice without any obligation

Is there a need of electric, pneumatic or hydraulic controlled open/close valves within your application or process? Rely on the expertise of our specialists. They have years of experience with brand independently selecting and dimensioning of the right remote controlled open/close valves and would be happy to discuss with you what valve type best suits your application.

With our "flow loop", which is develeped for courses and demonstration purposes, they can also demonstrate the differences between the various remote controlled open/close valves. You can count on an expert, complete and convincing advice!

Plug & play

If you should opt for the services of our Valve Automation Centre, your open/close valves will be expertly assembled with an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator. Of course, the complete configuration will be adjusted and tested so that it can be installed as a plug and play unit in your application.
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