Local and central control of actuators

We have a complete range of valves, valve islands, and control panels and valve cabinets, developed in-house completely, for local or central control of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Naturally we also have all conceivable components available in our range for compressed air systems and for the conditioning of compressed air.

Local control

For the control of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators we have directly or indirectly acting 3 and 5 way control valves available. You can choose from housings made of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel. Other options: Ex certifications, NAMUR connection and low power coil. 

Central control

For centrally managing larger numbers of actuators or actuators that are installed in hard to reach or unsanitary locations we have high quality valve islands available, built into an industrial cabinet if required - also available for explosive environments. These valve cabinets can be fully incorporated into your DCS system and they are available with the most common communication protocols. 


Control panels

As a system supplier ERIKS Econosto Process Control has complete control panels and control cabinets available, developed in-house, which provide you with the following benefits:

  • Centralisation of control valves and reduction of electric wiring: ideal for hard to reach places and challenging conditions
  • Highly reliable
  • Minimum probability of failure
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs

Compressed air program

Naturally we also have a complementary product range available that includes any components you may require for compressed air systems and air conditioning for controlling pneumatically operated valves.


Rely on our expertise

Putting together the right combination of valves, actuators and controls is crucial and it requires knowledge and experience. The professionals and Application Engineers at Econosto can provide you with excellent assistance in this regard. 

Opt for ease of installation and reliability

If you want to be sure that your control cabinets and panels - and remote operated valves that go with that - are functioning optimally, opt for the services provided by our Valve Automation Center. Here your control cabinets and panels along with valves and actuators are assembled by experts and then carefully adjusted and tested. After this, they can be installed plug & play in your installation.

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