Co-engineering & prefab skids


Econosto has in-depth product and application knowledge. As co-engineers we can also be of  great service if you involve us at an early  stage in your product and process development. An example of our service is the development and production of prefabricated skids for you. We have in particular noticed an increasing demand among manufacturing companies for putting production systems together from standard modules. Prefab skids lower logistics costs and can also be taken quickly into operation with a modular setup, thereby limiting disruption of the production process to a minimum. Prefab skids are an efficient and cost effective manner to apply changes or modifications within the production process. Skid construction requires close cooperation.

Prefab Utility Modules (PUM)

A Prefab Utility Module (PUM) is a separate module which is specially equipped for a specific task. With PUM you save on engineering costs and your construction time is shortened because the modules are delivered Plug & Play. In addition you are assured of proper and worry-free operation. Econosto has several PUMs available in  the delivery program, such as a complete pressure reducing station and the Econ® Condensate Unit: the right solution to ensure that your steam heat exchanger remains free of condensate under all conditions - even in case of vacuum.  Econosto also provides ready-made units for the production of hot water for sanitary purposes, for heating and for process applications.


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