CPM saves time with plug and play sub-systems

Plug & play subsystems: more operational reliability, less installation time

CPM Europe BV – Amsterdam

California Pellet Mill (CPM) supplies installations around the globe for grinding raw materials and products - ranging from animal feed to sugar beets and from coal to bentonite clay - into pellets and flakes. CPM itself produces the machines that form the heart of its installations. In order to provide turnkey systems, the company cooperates with ERIKS Econosto.
"For optimal functioning of CPM installations, the quality of the steam used in the production process is critical", explains Gerard Heesterbeek, Sales Manager for Valves and Instrumentation at ERIKS Econosto. "If the steam is not of sufficient quality - due to too high of a moisture content, for example - then CPM's machines also perform sub-par which decreases the quality of the final product. So the quality of the steam is the critical success factor, but CPM had to rely on the users of the installations for good steam quality. This was an undesirable situation".

The application is paramount

However, as a steam specialist, ERIKS Econosto - having delivered the components for CPM's installations for more than 40 years - knows full well what is needed to provide steam of exactly the right quality. Heesterbeek: "The customer's requirement is our focus. Starting from that vision, our engineers, together with CPM, developed water dosage systems and pressure reducing stations to ensure a good and constant quality of steam and pressure regulation. This provides CPM the certainty required for the proper functioning of its machines which is most definitely an added value of our cooperation".

Reliable and time-saving

Heesterbeek emphasised: "Because we developed these subsystems in their entirety and co-produced and tested them in our own workshops, CPM can be certain that critical aspects - such as pipeline diameters, reduction equipment, steam traps and control valves - are perfectly aligned to each other and to the application."


"This provides certainty with respect to proper operation. All in all, with our approach, CPM saves considerable time when preparing a project and - since the systems are delivered as plug & play - also on the assembly".

System supplier

According to Heesterbeek, this case is a good example of the development that ERIKS Econosto has undergone in recent years: "We are continuously expanding our range of services and are shifting our focus increasingly from the delivery of components toward the direction of the development and supply of (sub) systems. For this, we are combining our knowledge of steam and applications, our knowledge of measurement and control technology, our experience in the areas of engineering and dimensioning and the craftsmanship in our workshops. Not only does the role of system supplier fit us better and better, but increasing numbers of customers embrace it too".

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