DP X-Cel Orifice flow measurement


ERIKS flow control brings a brand new product to the European market; DP X-Cel Flow Orifice Measurement. Several solutions for flow-, pressure- and medium measurement have been installed, however several problems occured in early or later stage and may have consisted of constant maintenance to limit Fugitive Emissions, Extensive downtime during service and installation, Impulse lines being damaged, blocking or freezing, Vibration & Connection failure, Unequal impulse lines leading to errors and Inaccuracies and several corrosion issues with Stainless Steel tubing/fittings in NACE required environments. 

The industry strived for a more precise solution for years. A solution that would eliminate/minimise problems of any form, improving the response time and accuracy as well as reducing possible leakage, creating a more environment friendly efficiency to meet current and demanding HSE legislations.

We do herewith present an answer, "DP X-CEL ORIFICE FLOW MEASUREMENT"

Fully Designed in acc. to EEMUA 182, MESC 77/170, ASME II & VIII, ASME B16.36, ASME B16.34 and ASME B16.5. Accuracy has significantly been improved due to the reduction of flow paths and by minimising the quantity of fittings. Different installations may easily have contained over 32 several leakpaths, which are now being reduced to only 6. In terms of reduction of Fugitive Emission and stringent HSE requirements, this is a huge step forward.

Several advantages are found when choosing for this first class quality product

  • Simple installation and vastly reduced downtime set on less than 2 hours
  • Precision measurement possible by minimizing fittings and flow paths
  • No Orifice nipples, impulse lines or unnecessary fittings that could periodically fail securing reliability
  • Fully assembled product per customer specification will be supplied in any ASME Flange size/rating and is fully pressure tested, complete with customer specified Orifice plate, Gaskets, Bolting and DP transmitter/RTD
  • No special maintenance required
  • No blow down or closed drain requirements to prevent gaseous, condensate or dead spot build up in the impulse pipe work
  • Reduced lifecycle costs
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Highly accurate measurement achieved by removing impulse lines and unnecessary fittings which may introduce pressure drops and turbulence/flow variations that lead to measurement inaccuracies
  • Integrity improved by reducing the number of leak paths from >32 reduced to 6. No impulse pipe work to worry about

Even True Mass Flow reading has been achieved by incorporating temperature measurement in  wetted, or non-wetted solution. Elimination of the need of Thermo-wells leads to significantly lower installation and set up costs.

After a period of 8 years extensive testing, system has been found running reliable. It provided a well-known and reputed client with accurate data they previously did not have. For more information, please contact our Oil and Gas department.

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