Econ® bronze Safety Valves

Econosto has renewed their well known bronze safety valves, figure number 517 and 518, which brings them to an even higher level of quality. The range has been expanded with a version with a gastight cap, figure number 512. The renewed range is fully in line with PED acc. To 97/23/EC Cat. IV, making them official safety valves. By doing the Econ bronze safety valve program sets itself above the many brass relief valves in the market.

Complete range

The complete range consists of:
517: closed cap, not gastight
518: valve lifter, not gastight
512: closed cap, gastight

Sizes are available in the range from ½” to 2” .

Pressure range for the spring

The pressure range has been extended and now reaches from 0.2 BarG to 20 BarG. This range is subdivided into various interval ranges so that every spring operates in its ideal area. 
  This guarantees a rapid, effective order process. From 0,5 barg through 12 barg, all dimensions can be delivered from stock.

The safety valves can be used for fluids,  gas and for steam. All safety valves up from 2,5 barg are equipped with a PTFE gasket. This makes them suitable for temperatures up to 220°C. Below 2.5 bar, the safety valves are equipped with a Viton seal to guarantee a proper sealing - at low pressures.  The maximum temperature for the safety valves with a Viton seal is 150°C.

All three versions can be provided with an Econ set pressure certificate or a Lloyd’s certificate (Stoomwezen). Furthermore an EN10204 3.1 material certificate can be supplied. Capacity tables are also available for all models.

For more information, please contact your sales department or contact our safety specialists.


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