Econ condensate unit prevents water hammer

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The Econ® Condensate Unit is a unique solution to keep your steam water heater free of condensate, even under vacuum conditions. The compact unit comes completely preassembled and consists of a reservoir, pumping steam trap, steam supply, dewatering steam trap and other appendages. With the Econ® Condensate Unit you’re provided with a plug-and-play dewatering system which is installed quick and easy. In addition the Econ® Condensate Unit has an extremely low installation height, which makes it ideal for installing in existing installations.

Unique problemsolver

The  built-in pumping steam trap is steam operated and has been successfully applied for years in situations where the steam pressure is insufficient for the proper functioning of a regular steam trap. Examples of low pressure situations are proportionally regulated heat exchangers.

The plug-and-play unit is available with different types of pumping steam traps, which makes it suitable for a large range of capacities. For example: a pumping steam trap capacity of 2,800 kg/h and a steam trap capacity of 9,000 kg/h (depending on the pressure difference).



The Econ® Condensate Unit is designed in accordance with the European Directive for pressure equipment 97/23/EC and carries the CE quality mark.



  • Extremely low suction head makes it possible to install the unit in existing installations 
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No water hammer or annoying ticking sounds
  • No corrosion damage to the heat exchanger
  • Stable temperature regulation, even in plate heat exchangers

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