Econ® maintenance free steam trap

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New version of the  Econ® inverted bucket steam trap


Econ® maintenance free steam trap


A very important product in our steam program are our Econ® inverted bucket steam traps. We now have extended our range with the;


De ∆p 9 bar uitvoering 


Available types


As from now we can deliver 3 ∆p ranges, namely:

∆p: 9 bar

   ∆p: 17 bar

   ∆p: 28 bar

Note: Maximum pressure, pmo, for all models is 28 bar

              Compared to the existing versions the new 9 bar version can work with a very low pressure with a high capacity. 


  • Simple and robust  
  • Maintenance free
  • Good resistant to dirt and water hammer


In addition to various performances in pressure, there are several connectivity options.
8961E / Threaded
8962E / Socket Weld
8963E / SS Flanged
8964E / Swivel / universal
8964EX / Connection block

Universal swivel connection 

The universal swivel connection consists of 2 parts. The first part is the Econ® steam trap fitted with a loose flange, rotatable over 360° and the second part is an Econ® universal connecting piece fitted permanent in the pipe line. Once mounted the connection piece is part of the pipe and, unless it is blocked or the sealing surface is damaged, this part will not be removed anymore. 

The Econ® steam trap is connected with 2 bolts to the connection piece. Important is that the bolts are equally tightened with the same torque. The 2 spiral wound gaskets in the steam trap will take care of the sealing. The 2 bolts are supplied with the steam trap.



  • Connector can be rotated through 360° to ensure that the trap is always in the correct position. Therefore the pipe may be installed in the horizontal plain , vertical or under a slope. 
  • No pipeline stress on steam trap.
  • Quick and simple exchange from the steam trap and therefore less down time
  • No welding necessary when changing steam traps 
  • Universal, so replaceable with other brands 

Sizes & connections

The Econ® universal swivel connectors are available in 3 different pipe line connections:

  • ISO 7/1 RP thread    ½” -  ¾”
  • Socket Weld            ½” -  ¾” 
  • Flange                     DN15, DN20 &DN25


  • NPT thread
  • ANSI flanges 150 & 300 lbs
  • ​Stainless Steel swivel flange and connection block with Stainless Steel flanges


For questions, 
please contact:

PG Stoom / Tjerk van der Wal 


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