Econ® Remote Valve Control systems: bespoke total solutions


ERIKS Econosto Process Control's expertise: broader deployable in numerous sectors

ERIKS Econosto has years of experience in designing, co-producing and testing Remote Valve Control systems and tank content measurement systems, particularly for maritime and offshore installations. Naturally, this expertise is also available to other sectors such as the food industry, the OEM market, general industry and the (petro-) chemical industry.

ERIKS Econosto supplies bespoke Remote Valve Control systems to the maritime sector for ballast, loading, bilge and fuel systems, among others. Econ® Remote Valve Control systems are designed, assembled, tested and commissioned in-house according to customer specifications. Depending on your wishes, the systems can be executed in a hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or electro-hydraulic version. The controls can work independently or can be integrated with the central control of the ship – or the industrial process automation systems.


From design to commissioning

In order to design a solution that meets your desires optimally, we work closely with you in every phase of the project. For example, we consult during the engineering phase about the applicable requirements and, with you, we then select the most suitable components from various A-brand  manufacturers, including our own Econ® label. After completion and approval of the design, your systems are built and tested in our own workshops and then delivered to you. If so desired, technicians from our (link) Field Service Team (link to article 6-11-1) will support you anywhere in the world with the installation and commissioning on location. Furthermore, from start to finish, you can count on expert project management. 

A real-world example: Heerema H-851 launch barge

Our working method is illustrated well by the maritime project ‘Heerema H-851’ that comprised the conversion of a launch barge for Heerema Marine Contracting. This support vessel is used to place offshore platforms and the associated jackets (the supporting structures). For these activities, ballast must be taken on board quickly in order to increase the draught of the vessel. In close consultation with the client we put together, as a supplement to the existing ballast system with pumps, a Rapid Ballast System with remote controlled butterfly valves. 


With this system, an average of 40 tonnes of water per hour can be taken on board. For this project, ERIKS Econosto was responsible for the engineering and for the supply of valves, actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic components and measurement and control systems - including the associated documentation. Also, our specialists provided support with the installation at the Chinese shipyard, with the start-up and testing of the systems and with sea trials.


Measurement systems

In addition to Remote Valve Control systems, we also provide a complete range of instrumentation for pressure, temperature and level measurement for tanks, bilges, pumps and motors on board ships and offshore installations (among other applications). As a system supplier, we are not limited simply to the delivery of separate components, but we provide you with bespoke solutions within our total concept in the area of valves and appendages, measurement and control components, process control, integrated (sub) systems and for client-specific applications. For this, we choose an integrated systems approach that relieves you of worry optimally.


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