Econ® Thermodynamic steam trap

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For many years and with great success Econosto is selling Thermodynamic steam traps. This success is because of the fact the  thermodynamic steam trap is;


Small - Simple - Reliable


With our long history and knowledge with steam systems we are proud to introduce our new developed Econ® thermodynamic steam trap. We have improved the design on serval points which takes us ahead of our competitors!

Exploded view

Insulation cover

The thermodynamic steam trap remain closed by flash steam on top of the disc.
When the flash steam condensates, the disc will open and rapidly reliefs the condensate. Cold weather and rain will have a negative influence on the time that the disc remain closed. The rapid cycling causes energy loss and will shorten the life time. The standard installed insulation cover prevents rapid cycling.

Bi-metallic Automatic Air vent

The discharge of air is always a problem with a thermodynamic steam trap because of its operating principle. Startups will lead to “air binding”. Air binding is air with a large volume “trapped” above the disc. Air will not condensate and therefor the disc will remain closed.
The new Econ® thermodynamic steam trap design is standard equipped with a Bi-metallic automatic air vent. The Bi-metallic automatic air vent disposes the air right from startup. A bi-metallic clip will lift the disc until hot condensate can flash above the valve disc. With the new Econ® thermodynamic steam trap you can quickly start up the steam system which saves time and energy.

Optimized Capacity

The main use of thermodynamic steam traps is draining of main steam pipes. Therefor the capacity can be very small. Most of the thermodynamic steam traps are oversized for this application and therefor they will open and close more often and wear out faster. The Econ® thermodynamic steam trap has an optimized capacity for this application and will work therefore more efficient and will have a longer life time! To collect the condensate from the steam pipes a properly designed drain pocket is necessary. 

Extra smooth polished disc and seat

Thermodynamic steam traps without an air vent are provided with a rough finished disc and seat to prevent air binding. The disadvantage of this is that the disc will wear faster and steam leakage will occur.
Due to the standard air vent in the Econ® TD steam trap we can use an extra smooth polished seat and disc. The smooth polished disc & seat prevents steam leakage at any time and also takes care that the disc will be closed over a longer period. This helps to increase the lifespan and stops unnecessary spilling of energy!

Easy maintenance

The inner parts are fully maintainable without the need to disassemble the complete steam trap. This will safe in maintenance time and thus in costs.

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