Econosto fittings for Maritime Scrubber systems and more


On 1 January 2015 new IMO legislation, an environmental act, came into effect whereby vessels are now required to sail using fuel with a sulphur content of a maximum of 0.1%, which is also already in effect in European sea areas (Baltic, North Sea and English Channel). The global standard is expected to be reduced to 0.5% in 2020.

One of the options available for vessels to comply with this legislation to desulphurise fuel is to install scrubbers. With a scrubber system a range of accessories is applied, including damper valves, High Performance butterfly valves, rubber-lined butterfly valves and check valves. It is well known that Econosto has all of these products available, but damper valves are not so well known.
Damper valves are available in various materials and in sizes between DN50 and DN4000 as an intermediate clamp and flange type, which can be operated manually, electrically or pneumatically. These valves are suitable for fumes, gases and high temperatures up to 1000°C. Econosto also has appropriate solutions available if 100% density (zero leakage) is required.
Econosto has successfully delivered several scrubber fittings, including damper valves, with DN1500 being the the largest size delivered up to present.


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