Econosto participates in a pilot with RFID technology

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The building of a ship is similar to laying a jigsaw puzzle: finding the right pieces is a time consuming process, putting together the pieces goes relatively
quickly. The biggest challenge, according to sales manager Rob Gerritse of Econosto, is therefore to organise the logistics process. “We can save millions together by increasing the efficiency of the process.”

RFID labels enable up to 10% savings on TCO

This year Econosto was involved with SMRT Projects from Bilthoven – a Dutch developer of state-of-the-art solutions based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology – as a supplier in a pilot project of Royal IHC. Gerritse: “Research has shown that during the construction of a ship more than 50% of time is lost searching, sorting and laying components down ready for use, debugging and the administrative red tape surrounding that. By using labels with an RFID chip components can be identified at a distance of 6 to 8 meters. This allows faster and error-free control of transport shipments, while time is no longer spent looking for components and fewer hours are lost. This could result in savings on the TCO by up to 10%. Besides that RFID offers a whole range of other benefits.”

“Econosto wants to unburden the entire supply chain”

In order to find out how to make optimum use of the benefits of RFID in the supply chain, Royal IHC looked at the application options of RFID at its Dutch shipyard in Kinderdijk during the construction of two trailing suction hopper dredgers. “IHC has asked us to participate in its pilot as a supplier,” said Gerritse. 

“As Econosto is constantly looking for opportunities to unburden the entire supply chain – from producer to end user – our response was a resounding yes.”


During the pilot Econosto used its own in-house label printer to create the required RFID tags, based on the ERP data from IHC, so that all of the ordered components could be delivered with an RFID tag. Econosto also shared its label and product data online with IHC. Gerritse about this: “Such a pilot project requires a different process and internal organisation, but we are willing to do that. After all, you can only achieve maximum savings potential in the supply chain through intensive collaboration.”

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