Employment and Social Affairs Service Groningen

In 2013 BAM Techniek Noord Oost achieved the new build of the SoZaWe building in Groningen.

Energy Efficient building

This new build construction for SOZAWE is very energy efficient. The building has a roof covered with vegetation. Courtyards and atria also contribute to a natural indoor climate. Via a ground source heat pump (GSHP) the heat in summer is captured underground and can be used for heating in winter. By compact construction, good isolation, solar panels, energy efficient lighting and the use of sustainable materials the building is CO²-neutral after delivery. The building has energy label A++, which means it is very economical.


The new office is an inviting and transparent building of 17.000m². The building has a fresh, bright and friendly atmosphere with plenty of space for natural light. In this new building is the current 'Werkplein' with the counters of Work and Income, the Groningen Kredietbank and UWV.

The method of installation is innovative because of the double floors that are used. All installations are projected in between the double floors.

One supplier and logistics in detail

Econosto has acquired this special project by working out all the details of the logistics in cooperation with the BAM organisation. Mr Halma of the BAM indicates that the cooperation was very pleasant because almost all of the fittings needed could be found by one supplier.

For more information please contact Erwin de Jonge

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