FAQ: Navigation & Icons


The Econosto website navigation is split up in different menu's. In the top-right menu you'll find the menu options "Home", "Contact us", "About Econosto", "Career", "Academy" and "FAQ". You can view our website in the Dutch language by clicking the flag icon.

Directly under the header with the Econosto logo you'll find our searchbar. This searchbar enables you to seach both our website and our product database at the same time. On the right side of the searchbar you'll find the login options and links to request an account or password reset.

When you navigate to a branch-specific page (for example "Maritime"), you'll be presented with an additional menu containing links to "Products", "Services" and "Download".

On the bottom of the page you'll find links to the several Social Media platforms Econosto is active on. In the same bar, on the right side, you'll find buttons to directly print the current page or share the current page with another person (using your own e-mail program). In the bottom menu we located links to our declarations of copyright, disclaimer and privacy statement, as well as a link to our sitemap.


Icon   Description
  Add to shopping cart / order
  Remove from shopping cart / order
  Start product comparison of selected items
  Add / edit note on the selected order line
  Set this value as default value
  View shopping cart / order
  Add to shooping cart / order
  Add item to your favorites
  Item is added to your favorites
  Viewed item is a standard stock item
  Viewed item is a non-stock item and is ordered for you specifically. This item is excluded from our return policy.
  Contact us for up-to-date stock information
  Download available 3D drawings for this product
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