FAQ: Solutions when encountering issues

The most common issues when working with websites have to do with the way internet browsers are handling temporary internet files of visited websites. Amongst other things, mark-up, images and lay-out definitions are stored on the local machine, to make the next visit to the website faster.

When our websites is not displayed correctly and/or you experience issues with the search functionality or logging into our website, you can clean up these temporary internet files and cookies.

As each and every browser has a different user interface, the process of this cleaning process differs as well. 


Below, please find links to the most commonly used browsers and instructions on how to clean up temporary (cached) files.

After performing this cleaning procedure, please close the internet browser application. Then you can re-open the browser and navigate to our website again, at which time you should no longer encounter any issues.

In case you still experience issues with our website, please contact our e-Business team at  via e-business@econosto.com or +31 (0) 10 284 1400.
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