FAQ: User management

When our customer service department assigned administrative roles to your account, you're able to edit the account details of all users within your customer number at Econosto.

You can navigate to the user management module by logging in using your Econosto-account and navigating to the menu-option "Extra".
Next, you navigate to the menu-option "Users".  
The website now shows a list of all active Econosto-accounts within your customer number. All data is displayed as known at Econosto, including the e-mail addresses used to login to the Econosto website.

You can request an additional Econosto account by using the option "Request new user", edit the details of existing accounts (left icon behind the line) or deactivate an Econosto account.

When you choose to edit an Econosto account you'll be shown a screen simular to the one on the right. Here you can edit personal information, usersettings and user rights of the selected user. Also, there's an option to block a specific user from logging in to the Econosto website. 
When you click the "Save my Data" button, changes are affected directly, except the user rights settings; if the user is logged in and active, changes in settings are made effective on the next login attempt.


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