Fittings and commissioning valves control the GSHP installation

As a market-oriented knowledge organisation, Econosto supplies high quality industrial valves, fittings, instrumentation, gaskets and hoses as complete systems to customer specifications. 

Through an efficient worldwide distribution concept, our all inclusive solutions find their way to companies in the maritime sector, general industry, (petro)chemical industry, oil and gas industry and utility and housing construction.


This is also the case for the Markthal project in Rotterdam, where Econosto became involved through Unica. Unica Rotterdam is responsible for the mechanical part of this project. The installation concerns a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system whose entire distribution, down to the end user, is provided by Unica. Econosto has supplied the Econ®-branded instrumentation and fittings for this project, which bear the Econ® quality label and are sustainably designed based on the requirements of the installation industry. They also offer a sturdy construction, a high degree of reliability and optimal safety. Econ® products are also low maintenance and environmentally friendly and offer excellent value for money.

For more information please contact HVAC department


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