Haga Hospital

New construction and renovation of the Haga Hospital in The Hague. 


The consortium VolkerWesselsHaga (Volker Wessels, Homij and Imtech)

The project comprises the Design & Build of the new Juliana Children's Hospital/Mother and Child Centre, the operating theatre complex, the Heart and Vascular Centre and the second phase of the renovation of the existing hospital.


The Haga Hospital's new construction will be executed at the Leyweg location in The Hague. The building will be constructed according to a Design & Build protocol that will run for 20 years.

In addition to the new construction, the VolkerWesselsHaga consortium will also renovate the second portion of the hospital. The new construction will house the Mother and Child Centre, the operating theatre complex and the Heart and Vascular Centre. 

Construction started in 2013 and will be commissioned in 2015. A year later, the Haga Hospital at the Leyweg location will be fully completed. The Haga Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands, with 3,970 employees currently spread out across three locations.
Econosto supplies all the required mechanical engineering components for the steam installation and made recommendations and calculations concerning the entire installation in collaboration with the consortium. One part of this installation is the so-called EasiHeat unit. This is a ready-made unit that uses steam to produce warm water for sanitary purposes, for heating and for process applications. This unit produces warm water for the operating theatre complex, the atria and the skylights.
Michel Krombeen (Senior Project Engineer at Imtech): “We involved Econosto in the implementation phase for the design because of their specialist knowledge about steam equipment. Econosto's knowledge and experience brought the right added value in this phase for getting the design of the steam installation to the execution level”.

Contact: Remco Verzijl

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