Introduction of the steam department


With more than 120 years of experience in steam, Econosto is the leading authority in the market. This puts us in the strong position to confidently declare: ‘Expect more’. More advice, more services, more expertise and even more Econ®  brand  products. The added value Econosto provides you cannot just be found in one of these individual aspects, it is the unrivalled combination of knowledge, experience and range, through which we help you to achieve more!

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge is the best guarantee for quality and safety. We are therefore happy to share our extensive knowledge of steam technology with you and your staff by for instance, offering  practical courses. To better understand the theory, we make use of a practical arrangement of a fully functioning steam system.  We also offer in-company courses, tailored to your specific situation.

Integral system vision

It is of crucial importance that everything works well to have a system that functions optimally. Our steam specialists can therefore assist with evaluation of the system design:

  • Are the calculated diameter pipes correct and are the pipes correctly installed?
  • Are there sufficient provisions for discharging condensate ?
  • Have the appropriate accessories been selected?
  • Have the pipes and fittings been adequately insulated?         
  • What is the yield?
  • What about safety?

In this manner we can obtain the best design to achieve optimal results!

Growing range of Econ® products

You can expect a broad, versatile and attractive range of steam appurtenances from the leading specialist in steam and condensate technology. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we offer a growing range of Econ®  steam appurtenances. Econ® products are not only robust, reliable, secure, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, but also offer a good price/performance ratio. There is a good reason that customers are increasingly opting for Econ®.

Total custom solutions

In addition to our Econ® steam appurtenances line we also have a wide range of products from globally respected manufacturers such as Spirax Sarco, ARI, TLV and Leser. Examples of the products offered by Econosto are: steam traps, condensate pumps, seals, steam water mixers, safety valves, measurement and control instruments, valves, reducers, vacuum breakers, steam injectors, compensators, sample coolers, vents and aerators, peep glasses, moisture separators, level gauges, filters and more.


Prefab Utility Modules (PUMs)

For efficiency and cost saving reasons the enthusiasm among customers to integrate standardised prefab skids - or Prefab Utility Modules (PUMs) - in their steam systems is growing. Such a PUM is a loose plug & play module that is custom designed for you to perform a specific task. If you opt for a PUM you will save on engineering costs, you will benefit from reduced construction time and you are guaranteed flawless operation. Econosto supplies the following PUMs for steam systems, in conjunction with Spirax Sarco:

  • Steam reducer combination: for reducing pressure
  • PPU condensate unit: keeping your steam heat exchanger free from condensate under all circumstances (even with a vacuum)
  • Ready-to-use units for producing hot water for sanitary purposes, heating and process applications


From our integrated system vision we also offer you - in addition to loose steam valves and prefabricated skids - various services related to the engineering of your complete steam system. By involving Econosto in the early stages of the development of your steam system, we can provide you with excellent co-engineering services, based on our in-depth expertise in steam and condensate systems.


Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that the condition, safety and efficiency of your steam system are preserved. Our periodic steam trap survey  provides you with a clear insight into the quality and effectiveness of the steam traps in your steam system. This is extremely useful because malfunctioning steam traps cost you a lot of money! For a complete check-up of your system, we recommend having an annual steam system inventory performed. Both studies provide quick results and earn itself back within just a few months!

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