Introduction Process Control


Process Control: a valuable combination of knowledge and experience 

In order to create added value for companies in the process technology sector, ERIKS and Econosto  have combined their knowledge and experience in the areas of measurement and control technology, automated valves and process control into the Process Control division.

Broad system vision

In our vision, the concept of "process control" is extremely broad and includes numerous aspects around (the automation of) an installation, such as:

  • the selection of actuators for the operation of control valves
  • position determination for the valves
  • matching sensors/measuring equipment and measurement principles 
  • method for receiving the desired measurement signals
  • intercommunication among the system components
  • ensuring safety (e.g. for emitting  products)

Bespoke total solutions

Based on a complete product portfolio, we deliver total solutions in the area of:

  • valves and appendages (locally and remotely controlled)
  • measurement and control components
  • process control
  • integrated assembled systems
  • customer-specific applications

Complete systems

From within our total concept, we can provide you with - in addition to separate components - an extensive range of services in the areas of engineering, assembly, testing and calibration of complete systems. A few examples:

  • plug & play steam reduction stations (used in various markets)
  • decentralised operation systems for activating valves
  • integrated partial systems, assembled in-house, for pressure, temperature, flow and level (including the control of the respective components together)

At Process Control, we provide custom solutions for market requirements. This allows us to be of service to you in myriad ways: from the elaboration of a concept to the design and execution of your industrial installations, including the measurement and control loops.

Integrated systems approach

We would be glad to provide you with advice concerning control technology required for your application. We do this by starting with an analysis of your application. On the basis of this we select the best possible solution – in consultation with you, of course. We then choose the most suitable components for the control loop, such as sensors and instruments for the measurement and analysis of pressure, temperature, flow and level, and controlling valves, open/shut valves and other appendages. Our technical specialists and Application Engineers are, of course, familiar with all possible controls - from stand-alone control units through to complete SCADA systems.

After this, we present a complete 3-D design if so desired, so that you can see immediately whether the intended configuration and connections will fit into your installation. After approval of the design, the system is assembled and tested in one of our workshops so that it can be implemented quickly into your installation. In this way, production interruptions are kept to a minimum. Finally, our Field Service Team takes care of the further support of your installation, together with our calibration workshop.

Renowned manufacturers

In order to safeguard the highest quality, we work closely with renowned manufacturers. We also provide you with a growing assortment of components from our trusted own Econ® label.

Seminars and training courses

Process Control regularly organises seminars and training courses in which you can control medium streams remotely. We demonstrate various controls using a "flow loop" with various measurement instruments, control valves and regulators linked to a SCADA system. This allows you to put what you learn in practice immediately.

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