Sharing knowledge and experience

Knowledge and experience in our knowledge economy are invaluable. We are therefore happy to share our knowledge and years of experience in the field of steam with our clients and their employees in our Econosto Academy.

Courses available

Econosto Academy provides the following practical one-day crash courses, in which theory and practice are alternated:

Steam and condensation technology

More than 80% of production companies use steam as a primary energy carrier. Knowledge of steam technology is therefore essential. This basic course provides insight into the working principles of a steam system, the theory required and many practical hints and tips.
See the course page.

Steam and condensate system engineering

Designing a pipeline requires knowledge of laws and regulations, how to calculate pipe sizes and how to select materials and accessories. This course focuses on the design of a pipeline from the source of the steam to the user. Functioning of the accessories is demonstrated by means of a working steam installation.
See the course page.


Boiler room management

The continuity of a production process stands or falters with the undisturbed functioning of the boiler installation and the quality of steam. The boiler room is also the first major link in the steam installation. During this course the main elements from the water cycle up to the outgoing steam line are discussed. 
See the course page.

Custom in-company courses

In addition to the above courses we also offer in-company courses, tailored to your specific company situation. For this purpose we will take a tour of your company in advance - take photos of several practical situations, both good aspects and aspects that require improvement. The points of attention are later discussed with you and your employees, after which you can indicate what you want to learn more about. You can rest assured that you will be able to immediately apply what you have learned in practice!


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