Liquid Ejector Brons

Ejectors are mainly used for marine and industrial applications to empty bilge lines or tanks wich are filled with waste water, liquid and liquid with small rigid particles without damaging the inner parts of the (drive) pump. The (drive) pump feeds the ejector with clean fluid.

The vacuüm which is created ensures the suction of the fluids of even from heard to reach places and displace these at the required height. While this process is continuing, it is aimed to obtain the maximum suction rate with a low capacity pump.


Ejectors are a simple, save and economic solution to empty your tanks.


• Material: 
- Housing: Brons (RG5)
- Venturi : RVS (316L)
• Connections:
- Flange: (DN)
- Pressure rating: PN16
• Lloyds register


Operating principle

Ejectors are designed in order to create a vacuüm by increasing the velocity of the fluid coming out of the drive line in to the nozzel (A). The created vacuüm ensures the suction of the liquid in the Suction line (B) and discharge the liquid at the required place (C).


• Low Maintenance
• Low Costs
• No damage to the driving pump

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