NOVA Terminals

NOVA Terminals, formerly Argos Terminals, has increased its total storage capacity to 900,000 m³. The first project, the construction of tank 508, was completed in August 2013. Tank 508 has a capacity of 30,000 m³. Project "Phase 6.1" was commissioned in mid-October, two months earlier than planned. This project was equipped with manual and electrically actuated steel gate valves ASTM ANSI class 150#, and with ROTORK IQ activation, among other things; also with ASTM ANSI class 300#. ANSI ASTM class 150 steel gate valves, along with a large number of smaller forged steel valves from the manufacturer Smith were also installed.  
This project comprised the construction of a new tank well with a capacity of 200,000 m³, a new berthing dock and a new pipe bridge that links the entire grounds of the terminal together. A new quay on the Maas was also built in close operation with customers, contractors and the harbour company. The new berthing dock allows large inland waterway vessels up to 147 m in length to load and unload effortlessly. The new quay can accommodate ships up to 250 m in length and with drafts of up to 13.5 m. The extended portion of the terminal has been fully operational and in use since mid-October. Prior to the start of these projects, a large portion of the grounds was cleaned up and an intensive study was done into unexploded ordnance from the second world war.

Roland Pechtold, CEO of NOVA Terminals: "We are very proud that these projects were delivered ahead of schedule. NOVA Terminals needs the new capacity badly. With a total storage capacity of 900,000 m³, we can now meet our customers’ needs all the better. We expect further growth in the coming years and have the space to expand the terminal further in the future".


Jeannette Baljeu, councilwoman with the portfolio of harbour, traffic and the regional economy: "It is terrific that NOVA Terminals has built this expansion in the Rotterdam harbour. In March 2012, I had the honour of kicking off this project and this huge expansion has been completed in no time. This is a good example of the growing power of the largest harbour in Europe".
NOVA Terminals provides services to large oil companies and independent trading companies in the area of the storage and handling of oil products. With a market share of approximately 10%, NOVA Terminals is the fourth largest independent terminal operator in the Rotterdam harbour. The terminal consists of 84 tanks with a total storage capacity of 900,000 m³.



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