Optimal logistics service with the implementation of the MiDex Greenfield order

Last year Econosto delivered a range of valves of unusual proportions for the expansion of a storage terminal of the world's largest independent tank storage service provider, which provided considerable logistical challenges. This expansion is part of the MiDex (Middle Distillates Expansion) Greenfield project in Europoort and involves a new tank pit for the storage of kerosene with a capacity of 400,000 m3.

Project: MiDex Greenfield

In addition to the new tank pit with 8 storage tanks - each with a height of 30 metres, a diameter of 47 metres and a capacity of 50,000 m3 - the MiDex Greenfield project consists of the construction of a new pumping station and the installation of a new pipeline network. Upon completion of the tank pit the storage terminal in Europoort will consist of 107 storage tanks of 2,000 to 100,000 m3, with a total capacity of approximately 3.9 million m3.

Scope of delivery

For the new tank pit Econosto supplied a complete range of valves - a considerable part of which is equipped with an automatic actuator - in sizes from DN 15 up to DN 600, including:

The delivery package was complemented by a selection of sight glasses, safety valves and manual ball valves.



Flawless assembly

Skilled technicians from Econosto fitted all automated valves (MOVs) in the in-house Valve Automation Centre with the desired Rotork actuator. Most gate valves and double block & bleed valves also had to be fitted with an elongated spindle, ranging in length from 1,950 to 3,700 mm. The largest valves can therefore easily be up to 5 metres long, which caused some logistical challenges.

Expect more: flawless logistics operation

Organising transportation from Capelle aan den IJssel to the project site in particular required considerable attention. Cees Mastenbroek, Head of Logistics at Econosto, had the following to say: "Ultimately we found the most efficient, the most economical and a practical transport solution in the form of a flatbed trailer.

Only the longest valves - the ones that would not fit under the overpasses - had to be transported lying down in custom-designed wooden 'stretchers' with sufficient support from the spindle to prevent deflection and twisting. Our promise of "Expect more" meant in this case that we had to assume full responsibility for logistics on behalf of our customer from A to Z!


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