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We would like to be a full service partner and co-develop total concepts in the field of process automation. As well as a complete range of products and services e.g. 3D engineering, engineerd solutions en co-engineering, the added value that Econosto offers can be found in range of other services and facilities. An overview:

Well-equipped workshops

In various workshops - each with their own expertise - skilled technicians take care of assembling, adjusting and testing of components, systems and complete control circuits. Of course only high-quality components are used during this process. 
We also produce machine-shaped control lines in-house. For a quick and error-free installation, we provide complete control circuits with a clear wiring diagram.

High level calibration

For the calibration and certification of measurement and control components for pressure, temperature, level and flow we have a state-of-the-art instrumentation workshop. This workshop is also equipped with an air-conditioned clean room with testing equipment for checking, calibrate and certify on class-accuracy and stability of measuring and control instruments for pressure and temperature in virtually any application. All equipment used is approved in accordance with the guidelines of the Accreditation Council and in accordance with our ISO-9002 quality certification, which is periodically calibrated and certified by NMI. Therefore, we are entitled to issuing our calibration certificates.


Other workshop services

In addition, the instrumentation workshop can repair and modify instruments according to customer requirements, e.g. assembly according to a different scale or a dial with the customer’s logo. Finally, your pressure gauges can be provided with a calibration certificate. The accuracy and reliability of the instruments, often defined in ISO procedures, are key factors.

Field Service Team: always at your service

Even on-site you can rely on our service. The experienced VCA certified employees of our Field Service Team are available and provide you with 24/7 support. For example for on-site adjustment of your application, but also for support with commissioning, for maintenance projects, calamities and failures.

Steam trap survey and steam system inventory

In practice control valves, safety valves and steam traps often operate insufficient, causing a lot of unnecessary lost of costly steam. Also poor pipe insulation and other aspects lead to significant loss of steam. During an extended periodic steam system inventory expert steam specialists check your complete steam system, including steam traps, to keep your steam system in optimal condition.

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