Process automation


In order to manage your processes optimally, you must be able to measure pressure, temperature, flow and level and perform analyses. We have the sensors required for this available, and we can also design and build your complete control circuit, if required.

Through measurements and signals from sensors you can detect matters in your process signals, security and registration. Additionally you can also initiate an action, e.g.:

  • Controlling a flow
  • Closing a pipe
  • Automatic operation of control or on/off valves
  • Regulating pressure and temperature
All of these aspects within your process form a part of the control circuit. The better all of these aspects are aligned, the better and safer the process takes place.

Reading, logging and control

For accurate control of processes we provide a range of user friendly PID process controllers (single loop/multi loop), data loggers and readouts with which process data can be registered and reproduced locally. With advanced multi-loop controllers it is even possible to control smaller machines.



Optimal process control is required to ensure efficient functioning of your process systems. We have various process controllers available for this purpose, including  ETP-200, a low threshold SCADA system  that can be run on a standard PC.
ETP-200 can be configured as the heart of your system of measurement and control within processes and for the collection, transmission and visualisation of relevant process information. 




Sensors allow you to secure your system against limiting values of pressure, temperature, flow and level. If a value threatens to be exceeded, action can be taken e.g. by opening or closing valves or by activating an alarm. 

This could prevent issues such as:

  • Pumps running dry
  • Overfilling or boiling over of vessels, reservoirs and tanks
  • Malfunctioning of product flows and auxiliary flows
  • Contamination of product flows

We have a wide range of sensors available from renowned manufacturers to monitor pressure, temperature, flow and level in a number of applications. Our specialists would be happy to advise you on the best sensors for your requirements!

Our proposition: total process control

We have access to any facilities required for the engineering and construction of an optimal control circuit for your process or application, e.g.:

  • a complete product portfolio
  • know-how, which is safeguarded internally by the ERIKS Econosto Academy and our advanced flow loop' installation for demonstration purposes
  • experienced 3D engineers 
  • our Field Service Team for commissioning and on-site support
  • well-equipped service workshops for the assembly, testing and calibration of valves, sensors and assembled systems

At ERIKS Econosto Process Control you are assured that we can provide you with a tailor-made total solution!

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