Process control solutions at Diffutherm


Interconnection between components

Valves are an essential part of any installation. However, the impact that the interconnection between the separate components and the control of those components has on the final process is as significant as that of the separate parts. The important thing is that you let a process run as effectively and efficiently as possible and that means that every separate part is just as important as the way in which it functions within the rest of the chain. The aim is to constantly improve the alignment of the separate parts of the complete business process. With the increased level of automation in the process industry, that alignment also becomes increasingly important.

From the application

However, there are more advantages: not only does a does a good interaction between various components create a reliable installation, the advantages in terms of efficiency are also higher than when a large number of parties is involved in the construction of an installation.

Thanks to a wider range of knowledge and products, the number of suppliers can soon be reduced considerably. This is an interesting way to save time, because the client only has to speak to one party. This construction leads to an optimal coherence between the alignment of the components and the control within the installation. A project is often preceded by a substantial design process. Ultimately, the client knows best how his process should be realised and we will support the client by taking care of the interconnection, supplemented by our specific product and application knowledge from the many markets that we serve. In doing this, we base our thinking process on the application rather than on the individual components. Therefore, the question we ask ourselves is: What does a process need to achieve as part of the production process?

Added value

Recently, Econosto was involved in an interesting case: After nearly 48 years, Diffutherm, a producer of coatings, glues, seals, cleaning products and other chemical products for the automotive sector, the petrochemical sector and construction, decided to leave its business location at the Industrieweg in Bergeijk for a 40,000 m2 state of the art company accommodation with an efficient and contemporary new build property at the Kempisch Business Park (KBP) in Hapert. 

Econosto decided to spend time at the existing factory first and to get an explanation of the processes and problems that employees have experienced over the years. 


For example, in a temperature control situation, the measurement was taken at the wrong point and this, in combination with poor regulating valves, led to unreliable values. In the new construction, a different type of regulating valve has been used. In consultation with Diffutherm, interesting discussions were also held about the possibilities of the centralised or decentralised control of pneumatic valves and the associated controls and wiring.

In this job, Econosto also supplied many valves and actuators. The new construction has led to a more efficient process. As a result of all the electronic pressure, temperature, flow and level measurements, the operators have a better understanding of the data and there is also a higher production capacity. 


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