Looking for a control valve or a regulating valve?

Control valves are often selected for controlling flow in a process. Traditionally this is associated with a valve construction, but excellent results can often also be achieved by applying control valves with a different operating principle. ERIKS Econosto Process Control has - besides the traditional control valves - a wide range of control valves.

An enormous range of regulating valves is available. Deciding on a particular principle of operation depends partly on your application. Significant aspects - in addition to price and delivery - include accuracy, control response, speed of the process, viscosity, explosion safety and construction length. Our selection includes the following versions:

Traditional control valves

  • Widely applicable: including steam applications and regulating the flow of liquid
  • With threaded, welded or flanged connections
  • Two-way and three-way versions in a straight or angle design
  • Options: cage valve, fail-safe, fail-hold, etc.
  • Manufacturers: ARI / Asco / Bürkert / Econ® / RTK / Schubert & Salzer

Diaphragm control valves

  • Suitable for applications in sanitary environments in the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Extensive selection of materials for valve trim and diaphragm (suitable for control applications in the chemical industry)
  • Operation and display: local (using LED technology) or remotely
  • Manufacturers: Bürkert / Saunders

Sliding gate control valves

  • Suitable for vapour and gaseous media and liquids
  • Resistant against aggressive media and high temperatures, pressures and pressure differences
  • Energy efficient, fast-acting, compact and lightweight
  • High turndown ratio available
  • Quick to maintain and the Kv value can be easily adjusted because of its easily replaceable interior
  • Fitted with a relatively light electric or pneumatic actuator with a positioner: lower TCO
  • Lower risk of cavitation damage to the controlling valve
  • Manufacturer: Schubert & Salzer

CAGEBALL™ valves 

  • Suitable for extreme oil and gas applications
  • Uniform energy distribution while maintaining the mechanical strength of the trim
  • Metal to metal seal: 100% sealed 
  • Long lifespan
  • Manufacturer: Pibiviesse

V-Port ball valves

  • For clean liquids, steam (≤ 175°C) and gases
  • Excellent regulating characteristic in combination with electric or pneumatic actuator with positioner
  • Easily adjustable Kv value because of quickly removable V-ball with the desired angle 
  • 100% sealed in a closed position: no additional open/close valve required
  • Lower acquisition, installation and maintenance costs
  • Lower overall weight and shorter installation length
  • Manufacturer: Econ® / DVC / Kingdom


Ball sector control valve

  • Can be used in paper, steel, chemical and food industries and for waste water treatment
  • Excellent control characteristics under extreme conditions
  • Suitable for abrasive media, highly viscous fluids and/ or fibrous fluids
  • Very accurate control
  • High control response
  • Manufacturer: Schubert & Salzer

Regulating butterfly valves

  • a choice from among many variants - from standard types to triple eccentric types
  • With pneumatic actuator and valve positioner or electric actuator, making it very well suited for regulating a process stream
  • Manufacturer: ARI / Econ®

Proportional solenoid valves

  • Suitable for precisely adjusting and for controlling small volumes of non-corrosive and mildly corrosive fluids and gaseous media
  • PWM-controller
  • Manufacturers: Asco / Bürkert

Other principles

  • V-port knife gate valves
  • Plug control valves
  • Manufacturers: Orbinox / WECO

Valve positioners

  • Indispensable in a control circuit with pneumatic actuators
  • Can be fitted with pressure gauges, filter/reducers and extra modules (for facilitating a 4-20 mA feedback signal and communication using HART® protocol)
  • Can be combined with pneumatic actuator and tested in our Valve Automation Centre 
  • Manufacturers: ABB / Econ® / Fisher / Siemens / Bürkert 

Advice without any obligation

Are you looking for the best regulating valve for your needs? Our specialists have years of experience with brand-independent selection and measuring of the best models for you. We have an advanced 'flow loop' lay-out available that we built for courses and demonstration purposes, which can be used to demonstrate the difference between various regulating valves. You can also count on our competent, complete and convincing advice!

Plug & play

If you should opt for the services of our Valve Automation Centre, your regulating valves are built in accordance with regulations and your wishes with an electric or pneumatic actuator, and – in the latter case – built, adjusted and tested with a positioner so that it can be installed as a plug and play unit in your application.
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