Rubis Terminal

Rubis Terminal Rotterdam is a specialized and independent provider of storage and transshipment services for minerals and chemicals. The company is a subsidairy of the French Rubis Terminal Company. It started operations in May 2008 and currently has a capacity of 161.600 m3.

Rubis sets itself apart by the speed with which it can provide tailor-made services and specialized solutions. As a state-of-the-art all-round terminal with ample jetty availability and multimodal access, Rubis operates very flexibly, has short lines of communication, and offers a wide range of services. The core focus at the Rubis Terminal can be summarized in the terms "customer focus", "flexibility" and "safety". 

After six years working together, Rubis Terminal and Econosto clearly support each other in these common goals. This added value motivated Rubis for add an additional focus: standardization.


Prior to the intial shipment of valves, Rubis Terminal and Econosto discussed the possibility to standardize the valves used throughout the terminal.

Van Roosendaal (Rubis): "We don’t have our own Technical Service or warehouse and we therefore rely on external parties for maintenance. Econosto is the first supplier with whom we have concluded a long-term agreement, but more will follow."



"Standardization offers guaranteed quality and guaranteed pricing", Van Roosendaal continues.



"This makes maintenance and expansion projects easier to manage. And with a contract you also know what you can expect from each other and we are assured of a loyal supplier."

In the five-year contract between Rubis Terminal and Econosto, agreements were made about stock positions, delivery times and prices. Of course, Rubis Terminal did not sign the agreement without a reasonable period of consideration. "Econosto has been our main valves and fittings supplier since the development of this terminal started," explains van Roosendaal. "When developing and constructing phases 1 to 5, they proved themselves to be more than adequate. When you review these phases and the products supplied by Econosto, you can already see a high level of standardization in the Rubis Terminal. Quality proves itself by requiring a very low MRO requirement."

"Especially when looking at the future, lot's of things are going to happen at the Rubis Terminal. Econosto will again be offered a chance to fulfill the role of a full service partner who co-develops with a focus on obtaining our common goals", Van Roosendaal ends. 

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