Spaceships from Riga

Two futuristic super-yachts were developed and built by Latitude Yachts, a shipyard in Latvia.

About Latitude Yachts

Latitude Yachts has been creating ships since 2006.The twin trimarans, are the piece of art, combining brave imagination and best technologies. The hulls of the super–yachts have been made from different composite materials.The trimarans have been built for the Middle-East market.

Delivery of a total package of accessories 

In cooperation with its local representative Marine Technics Baltia OÜ, Econosto acquired a contract for the delivery of a total package of accessories for both super yachts.

"These futuristic super yachts obviously come with a hefty price tag. In order to guarantee its market value for the future Latitude Yachts only uses top brand components and systems", explains Hilco Oortwijn, International Sales Manager at Econosto's Maritime Business Unit.

"Econosto has an excellent reputation when it comes to accessories and marine systems - especially with the luxury yachting industry. That is not only because of our wide product range, but also because of the good value for money we provide and our years of expertise that enables us to deliver the necessary technical support. That has certainly bolstered our position in the negotiation process.” 


Technical specifications of the Spaceships


: 51.69 m


: 16.50 m


:  53.32 m


: 17.44 m


: 3.54 m

Draught : 1.5 m

Top speed

: 31 knots

Range (at Cruise speed)

: 2900 @ 11 knots


For more information please contact Hilco Oortwijn

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