Steam calculators & Conversion tables



To help you work safely and efficiently, Econosto has a wide range of calculators, steam tables and conversion tables available for the calculation and control of:

  • Pipe diameters
  • Steam quality increase through pressure reduction
  • Pressure drop in a steam pipe
  • Start up and operating loss of a steam pipe
  • Minimum pipe diameter for a condensate line
  • Impact of air on the temperature in a steam system
  • Amount of vapour steam from condensate drainage
  • Power to steam consumption
  • Calculations for saturated steam, superheated steam and water
  • Steam consumption of a heat exchanger


Steam tables

You can also access the following steam tables, without having to login:

•    Saturated steam properties by pressure
•    Saturated steam properties by temperature
•    Steam properties by pressure and temperature
•    Steam properties by pressure and enthalpy

Conversion tables

Finally, we also have various practical tables available for converting length, pressure, speed, power, capacity, temperature and mass flow rate:
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