Total package of valves for a new extension at Remat Chemistry

Total package of valves for a new extension at Remat Chemistry

With the installation of a distillation unit with its relevant storage tanks, Remat Chemie has yet again increased its production capacity for distilling solvents from rinse water. As with a previous expansion in 2008, Remat Chemie once again turned to Econsto to deliver all of the accessories required.

More than 65 years of experience

Remat Chemie was founded in 1948 for the recovery of perchlorethylene and trichlorethylene from washing waters through a process of distillation. Since then the company has developed into an internationally renowned distiller where an average of 7 million litres of fluids are processed on average annually. "We use processes such as film evaporation and fractionation," explained the CEO, Ben van Boekel. "Film evaporation is a form of single step distillation where we can separate solvents from paints, adhesives and resins, for instance, and from solvents with a major difference in boiling point. With fractionation multi-step distillation is required through which we separate liquid mixtures into their various components. In this manner we can extract alcohols, ketones, esters, aromatic, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, acetates and styrenes."

Increasing production capacity

In mid-2008 Remat Chemie increased its production capacity with the commissioning of two distillation units based on film evaporation, four stainless steel storage tanks of 33 m3 and a large emergency basement of 240 m3. Now - more than six years later - production capacity has yet again been expanded, this time with a new distillation unit and various storage tanks. 


Convincing decision

As with the previous extension, Remat Chemie assumed responsibility for the design and engineering of the new installation - with the exception of instrumentation and process control. Once again Econosto was called upon as the preferred supplier for the delivery of a total package of accessories: Econ® ball valves, butterfly valves, bellow sealed valves and check valves, Econ®-Ari control valves, FieldQ actuators, pressure gauges, thermometers, composite hoses, compensators, sight glasses, hose couplings, seals and filters. Van Boekel: “The wide range available at Econosto almost always allows us to quickly get our hands on the materials we need. Moreover, we have a fixed contact person at Econosto who provides excellent assistance and who’s always up-to-date with the latest state of affairs. That certainly helps with project progress.”

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