Vopak Terminal Westpoort

The logistics of 3000 valves 

Just-in-time delivery

Koninklijke Vopak NV is the largest tank terminal operator in the world, with 83 terminals in 31 countries. In order to satisfy the growing demand for storage, handling and mixing capacity, Vopak built the new Westpoort in Amsterdam's Afrikahaven.

This terminal has 41 storage tanks with heights of 25 m and storage capacities of between 10,000 and 50,000 m³. The total storage capacity amounts to nearly 1.2 million m³. BAM Leidingen & Industrie was the prime contractor for this project and Econosto supplied the valves and actuators.


The terminal has a complex system of pipes with nearly 900 electrically operated process valves, primarily ones we manufacture ourselves, VE® Dual expanding plug valves from ERIKS-VE and nearly 2,400 smaller, manually operated valves not directly associated with the process. The electric actuated valves are equipped with security systems.

In such projects, it's not just about the quality and safety of the products, but also about a perfect logistical organisation. Econosto supplied the actuated valves entirely assembled and tested - ready for installation. All deliveries to BAM were performed just-in-time as construction progressed.

More information: Business Group CHP
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