We are looking for agents


Do you have a network in the Tank Storage industry? We are looking for agents in the following countries:

Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Sweden & Switzerland.

Who are we looking for?

Have you worked or are you working in the Tank Storage industry, do you have a network with the end users and/or their EPC/contractor/maintenance provider?

Perhaps you have been freelance employed at various terminals or 1 of their service providers and have built a network.

Does your company sell to the Tank Storage industry and is interested in adding a complementary range of products?

You are involved in providing services and see opportunities in selling the solutions we offer. Having the right contacts is more important than having detailed product knowledge, our specialists are there to help you.


Who are we:

We are market leader in supplying to the Tank Storage industry and are expanding.

We offer a complete range of valves, actuators, instrumentation, tank safety and blanketing valves.
As we keep between € 70.000.000 - € 90.000.000 of stock many can be supplied with relatively short delivery times.

In our fully equipped Valve Automation Center we can install and test any actuator/valve combination. Next to valve related products we also offer an extensive range of additional products from within our group: hoses, gaskets, bolts, electric motors, gears, bearings, hydraulic components & skids, pneumatic components, etc.

We have a dedicated Tank Storage team that will support you and based on many years of experience know what customers require.
A dedicated project team is in place to support larger projects and will ensure all aspects of the project will be taken care of. Click here for more info about us.

If you want to sell to other industries, this can be discussed.

For more information please contact our collegue JP Nieuwstraten

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